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5 – 10 Seaters

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5 - 10 Seaters


Perth Maxi Van offers, 5 – 10 Maxi vans, typically seating anywhere from 5 to 10 passengers, offer a versatile and practical solution for various transportation needs. These vehicles are popular choices for both personal and commercial use. They provide ample seating capacity, making them ideal for larger families, group outings, or even small-scale shuttle services. The spacious interior of maxi vans allows passengers to travel in comfort, and they often come equipped with features such as air conditioning, entertainment systems. 

Additionally, these vans are well-suited for long-distance travel and can accommodate luggage and cargo, making them valuable for both road trips and airport transfers. On the commercial side, maxi vans are frequently employed for transporting groups of tourists, airport transfers, and corporate events. 

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